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Fortiap config display FIRMWARE_UPGRADE

I have multiple Fortiaps, but there are many Fortiaps that do not display the following configs.




Can you please let me know if you understand the following.

1) Does this config mean that it shows the number of FIRMWARE upgrades?
2) If this config is not displayed, does it affect the wireless functionality of the Fortiap?
3) Is there any possible reason why this config is not displayed?
    Is it possible that the Fortiap is initially defective?
4) What should we do if this config is not displayed?



I did a quick check in the lab and this is the normal view for this flag while the APs are working normally.

I'm not quite sure but I guess this flag value will change it's value [FIRMWARE_UPGRADE:=0] if a new firmware is available and the AP need to be updated. The APs I checked are already up to date.

- Emirjon
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Thank you very much for conducting the confirmation at the lab.

That helps me a lot.