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Fortianalyzer VM - disk yanked, VM not booting up


We have a fortianalyzer VM that had its logging disk extended via a RDM through VMware a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the RDM volume was unmapped and deleted from storage (my doing....) and now the Fortianalyzer VM will not boot up as it cannot find that RDM volume when booting.

I am wondering if there is a quick way to get the Fortianalzer VM booted back up, is the OS like Linux, where we may be able to edit the etc/fstab file to comment out the line that pointed to the RDM volume and hope it boots up to the OS?

We are going to rebuild it on another datastore in VMware, this is more or less us wanting to at least boot it up to get the latest configuration backed up, we do have an older config backup, just want to get the latest if possible



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