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FortiWeb directing traffic based on virtual folders?


Is it possible to set up the cloud-hosted FortiWeb  to direct (Endpoint)  URLs (Say we call them folders) to the origin as follows


(Endpoint) --> Send traffic to Domain A on Origin server

(Endpoint) -->Send traffic to Domain B on Origin server

(Endpoint) --> Send traffic to Domain C on Origin server


(Or could be different Origin servers if that works).


We currently have domains in Microsoft IIS on-premise we want to move and wondering if we can manage the concept of virtual folders through fortiweb to go to different back end domains.



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Having spent some more time on this I think the terminology I need Is to "Rewrite Host" under Rewriting Requests.


However, using this I would rewrite the host based on the URL e.g.

Action: Rewrite Host

Rewrite From: (.*)/folder1

Rewrite To:

But Fortiweb cloud doesn't work when I include a path after the "Rewrite From"

Is this supported or are there other options?




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