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FortiWeb URL rewrite rule that captures variable part of the URL

I need some guidance on configuring a FortiWeb URL rewrite rule. I have URLs like this: ',' where the end part, '/123,' can be any numeric value. My goal is to create a FortiWeb URL rewrite rule that captures this variable part of the URL and carries it over to the new rewritten URL.


Could someone kindly provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up such a rule in FortiWeb? I understand that I may need to use regular expressions and backreferences, but I'm relatively new to FortiWeb, and any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @Ragman 


May be the attached expression may help you. I haven't tested it but you may try it yourself to see if it works.


It matches "path/placeholder/Remaining URL" and then replace with "path/newplaceholder/Remaining URL".  You can validate the Regex from the FortiWeb before apply the URL rewrite your VS Server policy.


Some reference here:


Let me know your thoughts and if any additional questions you may have. 

Best Regards,