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FortiView not Showing URL Destination

I have a FortiAnalyzer VM64 with a 60 day trial license. I am currently sending logs from my main 600C firewall to it. I am in FortiView and searching by specific IP. It gives me source and destination IP for http traffic. However it will not provide UL information. The IP address is useful but without a URL I have to research each destination IP with makes finding the destination URL very difficult. Is there a way to have it show me the URL? This log is being fed from a 600C firewall. Do I have to make changes on the firewall for the URL to come across? Pic attached.




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Hello Steven Lengua,


You are looking to the FortiWiew directly - I am not sure that the URL is there - I thing the traffic log is displayed there. What you need is the Webfilter log.

Go to FortiView -> Log View (at the bottom left corner) -> Security -> Webfilter