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FortiOS 5.2.8 crashing with ipv6

stay away from 5.2.8 if you are using IPV6

We have seen multiple crashes (kernel panics) during linux system upgrades (yum update, apt-get update) on ipv6 enabled servers.

Could be related to apply ctrl / ips / web filtering , but so far Fortinet was not really helpful in explaining why the crashes occurred. Fortinet answer (referring to a fixed bug in 5.4.1 that should be related):

>> The kernel panic is not related to yum specifically.. >> It is related to ipv6 traffic and from the notes is caused by kernel NULL pointer dereference for ipv6 traffic. >> Now, it was remarked during the investigation that (at least in that case), the crash was caused when ftp

>> session helper was used by the traffic (which was tftp traffic). As soon as the tftp session helper was

>> removed the crash was not observed anymore.

But we didn't do any tftp at the time of the crashes, so in my opinion the problem is worse

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I think we hit the same issue. We upgraded our FGT 310B cluster to 5.2.8 about two weeks ago. Then It started crashing 1 to two times a day. As we had problems with SIP on this Cluster before the upgrade we first suspected a hardware fault and started planning a migration to new hardware. Yesterday we now found the trigger point.

We could open a ftp URL which is reachable over IPv6 in a web browser and the Cluster crashes immediately.


Fortunately yesterday Fortinet Released 5.2.9. I just upgraded to it a few minutes ago and the problem seams to be solved in this release.

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