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FortiManager autodiscovery with DHCP options on FortiGate

Hello guys.

So I saw there's possibility of deploying ZTP with Fortigate and Fortimanager. It's described here.


FortiOS DHCP options and auto DNS hostname for FortiManager details

A diagnose command can be used to show the FortiManager autodiscovery status for the secure sending of FortiManager details to FortiGate.

FortiGate is occasionally required in large deployments where a Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) of the unit is required.

Rather than using the CLI Console to configure system settings one at a time, ZTP can help to reduce errors, save time in automated device configuration, and enhance scalability.

This functionality is designed to work even in a closed network with no Internet access.


Sounds great, but I wasn't able to found information about what DHCP options you actually have to use to get this working.

Have anybody tried to implement this at all?

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same here.


DHCP or DNS ZTP would be great to use.

If I find the time, I am gonna sniff if there is a dns name it tries to find...





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Hope this helps

DHCP Option 240 = FortiManager IP

DHCP Option 241 = FortiManager Hostname




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