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FortiManager - VPN console and dynamic WAN IP

Dear all,


I am using the VPN Console to manage a full meshed vpn network. This is working well so far, but I do have some firewalls which don't have a fixed WAN IP. I would like to use dynamic DNS, bur I cannot find any option to put in the fqdn instead of an IP-address. My ADOM is in "VPN Console" mode.

With the Update to FortiManager Version 5.08 I found a new option in the policy package :"dynamic objects -> VPN tunnel". I suspect I could solve my issue with that cause it offers some dynamic mapping, but I just don't get how it works. When creating the dynamic mapping I can select my firewall devices, but it is also required to map a "VPN Tunnel". This list is empty on my FortiManager. Documentation on this very poor.


Did someone ever successfully used those objects?

I would also be interested if there is someone using FortiManager version 5.2 - maybe this is working / more self explaining there. Unfortunately I do have 400B physical appliance, for which 5.2. hasn't been released yet.


Thanks for your help. 





Hi, ansi:


the dynamic VPN tunnel config you mentioned is not for this case, but for policy to use old tunnel mode ipsec


FMG VPN console actually support DHCP interface configured with DDNS, but for current release, we have some issues and will cause copy fail. And issue will be fixed for next patch release (5.0.10 and 5.2.1)





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