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FortiGuard - How does the server list recover from flag F

Hi Fortinet community,


Hardware: FortiGate 60E

Firmware: v6.0.12 build0419 (GA) - we are locked to using this version until later this year we will upgrade to 6.4


One site we have is using load-balanced SD-WAN with two wireless connections, it has in two weeks dropped its FortiGuard connection twice. Although the internet connection remained up so this could be due to the large RTT.


My question is with the servers becoming F - Failed should these auto recover if there was a reachability issue?


To resolve the issue I have confirmed all that is required is to run the command fnsysctl killall urlfilter


With the diag debug rating command currently this is the output

diag debug ratingdiag debug rating

I have checked and was unable to confirm how Fortiguard behaves after a flag F is confirmed.

If I have missed some information please let me know :)



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Just an update I did notice one of the servers recovered after 2 hours.

It would be helpful to know why or how long it takes to refresh/try again


2022-04-20 19_13_06-Window.png

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