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FortiGate won't let standalone switch be a standalone

New to Fortinet, so please bear with me.


I have a new Forti network environment managed by a FortiGate (7.0.12) and have trouble setting up a standalone switch (7.4). I do not want this switch managed by the FG at all. When I initially set up this switch, I set it up as managed, but when I realized that configuration wouldn't work I set it up as a standalone. This switch does appear in in FG managed Fortiswitches.


Each time I connect this switch to its uplink, that port goes from displaying my native vlan to displaying the name of the switch. (The native vlan is not set to data.fortilink.) When I hover over the name it shows "Dedicated to connect to peer FortiSwitch." I can't ping the switch once connected to the network. After disconnecting the uplink and waiting for a few minutes, the native vlan changes from switch name back to my original native vlan.


I've tried resetting via the recessed button several times, all to no avail. When I configure as standalone, the switch is not uplinked. Only afterward do I uplink and then the port change happens.


I assume this happens because I originally set up this switch as managed, and for some reason it won't let go. I ran across this:

I tried the suggested command: execute switch-controller switch-action set-standalone <switch-id>

The problem is, switch-action is not available. Nor is execute switch switch-action available.


All I need is a basic, standalone switch.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Have a look here :

Converting to FortiSwitch Standalone

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Yes, this worked great. Thank you!

For anyone reading this in the future, here are the approximate steps I took to resolve this issue...

  1. Uplinked the switch I wanted configured as a standalone.
  2. My FG sees this switch and adopts/authorizes.
  3. Deauthorize and delete this switch from the FG.
  4. Ran the command above from the FG.
  5. Disconnect the switch.
  6. Factory reset the switch. I know that the command is supposed to do this, but I could not access on the recovery IP until I reset this switch.
  7. Configure as needed.
  8. Uplink the standalone switch to a port that is NOT set up as a Fortilink port and where the LLDP profile is set to access.
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