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FortiGate port channel


I am looking for some help please,


We have an environment that consist of flat network(not our choice), When I configure a 802.3ad Agg with the onsite switch Port channel and vlan interface in vlan1(not our choice) on the FW. I cannot get traffic to flow unless I change the native vlan to something else and trunk it up from the switch. I believe the Fortigate is expecting tagged vlan traffic (vlan 1 in this case) and drops the traffic. As you have to specify the vlan tag when creating the SVI on the FW.


Has anyone else had this issue ?



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Yes. If you configure a VLAN 1 (vlanid=1) on an FortiGate it's a tagged interface. If you want to configure an IP on non-tagged interface, you just need to configure it on the LAG/parent interface.