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FortiGate has no access to Analyzer over IPSEC

Dear Support,


I have a HQ site : 

Remote site:


I set up IPsec VPN site to site between the two FortiGates and used the wizard. All devices on the different subnets can reach each other over the ipsec vpn except for the FortiGates, my remote site Fortigate needs to send logs back to the analyzer on the HQ network but can't route to the analyzer which is within the range.

Your guidance would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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The security fabric cookbook article mostly covers this.


There are a few gotchas in the cookbook article, which I mention in


Note that unlike what the cookbook article says, you don't need to use NAT for the logging security policy, as long as you set the source-ip in "config log fortianalyzer setting".


Afraid I can't remember if the "vpn ipsec phase1-interface" needs to have both local-gw and remote-gw set for this.

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I thank you for guiding me in the correct direction, after adding more phases to my tunnel and adding the correct policies I managed to get it working.


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