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FortiGate blocking Google.Services and Chrome.Update?

Hi All,


Sometime this morning our FortiGates started blocking HTTP and HTTPS to Google.Services (App ID 42533) and Chrome.Update (App ID 16985).  With App Control off, Web Filter still blocks these connections.  The destination URLs are usually:


Anybody else seeing this?  I'm guessing this is due to Google adding some new domains, or adding new IP ranges to their existing domains?

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I came here to see if others were having the issue.   Initial looking, was blocked, was not.  Oddly, Chrome seemed to work fine.  


Fortigate said URL was blocked because it is in the URL filter list, however we're not using URL filtering.   It just seemed to clear up on its own and now correctly redirects to the https version.   Not sure about the Google Services traffic.   Perhaps Google and Fortinet are having a spat...or a typo somewhere!

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This occured on our mahcines as well. This is a sandbox issue according to my logs. This is most likely a ddos side affect or something of the sort.

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