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FortiGate VM and EVE NG lab Firewall rules

Hi All


I have been playing with a FortiGate Evaluation License in EVE NG. While trying to setup firewall policies though FG GUI, I could only define 10 firewall rules. For any additional rule, I noticed an error " Maximum number of entries has been reached ". Is this some kind of limitation related to the EVAL License or maybe something else


Also, I tried pushing the firewall rules through FortiManager. This time, the error I noticed was to do with CA certificates. Is this also related to EVAL License or


Thanks in advance


Hello Jitesh,


that I have never seen, but it may be due to the eval license. If the eval is literally as no license installed but running a unlicensed FortiGate with very low RAM, that would make sense, if this is a real evaluation license, you should not have such restriction.


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