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FortiGate 81F performance capacity with specific traffic conditions

Is it possible to achieve 2 Gbps throughput considering firewall and application control inspection traffic on the FortiGate 81F? Is it possible to achieve 1 Gbps throughput of firewall, IPS, application control and antivirus with log enabled for HTTP traffic on the FortiGate 81F?

Armando Costa
Fortinet Partner
Armando CostaFortinet

Hi Armando
Here the is link to FGT81F datasheet. You will see that these limit are smaller than the values that you suggested for App control. 


On page 10 you will find the application control throughput. 


Application Control Throughput = 1.8 Gbps

The IPS throughput is even smaller (1.4Gbps).

So if you need something around 2Gbps the 81F is not the right choice for you, you will need a bigger firewall, maybe the 200F.




Please also take into consideration that the values data-sheet were achieved in ideal lab settings, and real throughput may differ. I would suggest reaching out to a Fortinet Sales representative with your rough requirements to get an idea of what models may be appropriate.

As DPadula mentioned, a 81F is probably undersized for the throughput you've mentioned.

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