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FortiFone alternatives

I have a non-profit company that has a FortiVoice controller and a mixture of 175, and 380, and 470 phones. They really like the 470 phones because of the display. Anyway, the replacement to that is the 380 which is just as nice a phone but it has a heavy price here in SK. The majority of phones at this site are 175's. I know that I can use other phones but have never tried so I ask, what other brands of phones will work with the 300E controller. Yes, I am on eBay and Amazon looking for replacements, used or new, doesn't matter but would prefer new at a reasonable price


Also, we have a pile of phones that I am going through and testing and am finding that the handsets are the issues. I have three handsets that don't work and it's not the cable either. Is there a part number or place to purchase them? 

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I use the on prem hardware version and love it. The vm is the same as hardware. The cloud hosted option is not on par and likely where the bad reviews come from. The hardware/vm is Super easy to use and setup. I have the entire “fortistack.” I believe the phones are integrated into the fabric and GUI of the fortigate in 6.4 but haven’t tested it yet.

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