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FortiClient remains Not Managed

Thought I would pass this info on as I couldn't seem to find it anywhere without opening a ticket


Problem: FortiClient EMS is trying to manage a number of devices, while the device is on it shows that the FortiClient is installed, but the profile is "Not Managed". After shutting these devices down, EMS shows these devices as not installed at all.


Cause: We have been upgrading internal drives on a lot of our devices, using an image that contains a pre-installed FortiClient. It would seem doing it this way causes the Client UID to be duplicated and no means to easily reset or change this (even re-installation doesn't help)


Solution: After upgrading FortiClient to latest patch (version 6.0.1) a setting is available that allows duplicate UIDs. Setting can be found under System Settings > Endpoints > Allow Duplicate FCT registrations

If you do not have the latest patch, and cannot update, I have been told there is a .conf within the FortiClient EMS installation folder that can be edited for the same result, however I was not shown its location or amendment.



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Thanks for this info - I was so confused...!

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