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FortiClient profiles not applied correctly


I have set IPsec VPN. I use peer ID from dialup group for authentication. The group name is VPN_Group1

When in FortiClient profile I assign VPN_Group1 to it, user in this group have this profile assigned correctly when connected.

But when I create another user group (name: FC_Group1) and add this user to it, then user gets default profile when connected.

Summarizing: when in ForiClient profile I assign group wchich is used in VPN configuration the profile is assigned correctly. When I assign other group then the default profile is assigned - these are of course only my conclusions - not necessarily correct.

For the configuration I use local users and groups. Of course when the group in the profile is not the one set in the peer ID setting, then the user is added to two groups: VPN_Group1 and FC_Group1.


Can anyone help me solve this problem?


FGT60B, FGT100A, FGT100D

FGT60B, FGT100A, FGT100D

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