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FortiClient instability on Mac when websites utilize location / anti-fraud services

Curious if anyone else has run into issues with FortiClient on Mac hanging all network connectivity if you interact with websites that utilize certain anti-fraud and/or location identification services?  It seems to be triggered by aggressive javascript some websites deploy to perform OS fingerprinting, which can often lead to short bursts of connections either to remote locations or even localhost.  I'm able to reproduce this across three different Mac's, currently FC but it's been occurring since the 6.0 days, and it has occurred across several FortiGate versions.


As an example, I can almost guarantee I'll lose all network connectivity if I'm connected via FortiClient IPSec VPN and access Home Depot, Best Buy, and now Mazda as of today.  FC doesn't log anything abnormal, nor does FortiGate other than an eventual timeout of my remote session.  As soon as I click to disconnect, network connectivity returns.  It's started to get fairly annoying since more websites are deploying those types of anti-fraud measures, so now when I'm on forticlient doing something important, I have to avoid accessing websites if what I'm doing would be impacted by losing internet at that moment.