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FortiClient does not connect if AVM Fritz!Fernzugang is installed



on my 2 WIN7 64Bit PC installed FortiClient (Serial Number FCT8001814485799, UID2: 2E47C1A8324C4E83AEA3FCD38678EB0D) will not finish VPN connection if a AVM "Fritz!Fernzugang" is installed on PC. Connection attempt will start, my internet connection will be terminated (as usual during VPN tunnel creation), but here progress will stop, connection will not be completed.


It is reproducible on 2 PC that FortClient works fine after "Fritz!Fernzugang" has been uninstalled.


This is a very old problem, I remember to have had it some years ago, but during that time  only had installe VPN-Client  "Fritz!Fernzugang" sporadically.

Now I have 2 customers using Fritz!Box routers, so that I will need "Fritz!Fernzugang" or a simple alternative . I dislike that VPN client, it is burdensome, installation is time-consuming, and the AVM solution for VPN is not very fexible concerning user management and so on. But in Germany the AVM Fritz!Box routers are very popular for private and small business solutions, I think it's completely unacceptable for a VPN-Client to have problems to work if  "Fritz!Fernzugang" is installed on the same PC.

Any ideas how FortiClient can be enabled to work also if "Fritz!Fernzugang" is installed on the same PC? I know that the alternative to establish VPN tunnel to Fritz!Box with different VPN-clients, but the manuals did not look very inviting.


Best regards


Rainer Bielefeld


Can you explain what Fritz!Fernzugang is for?


Google translate seems to show that it's a VPN client.


Yes, "Fritz!Fernzugang" (English: "Fritz!VPN") is a VPN client, see here and instructions here!

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After some discussion with AVM Support I switched ForiClient from IPSec to SSL, and that seems to work, but number of tests still is small.

IPSec did not work reliably for me also without installed Fritz!VPN on my main PC and also on my Laptop.

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I have a similar problem:


I have a need to connect from home to my corporate server through VPN (in the company do not use the FRITZ! Box). I use FortiClient SSLVPN (version 4.0.2287) on Mac OS X 10.7.5 and FortiClient SSLVPN 4.0.2291 on Windows XP.

At home I use a modem / router FRITZ! Box 7490.

The VPN connection is established but when I try to access to network resources I get the following error message:


There was an error connecting to the server "" The server may not exist or may not be available at this time. Check the name or IP address of the server, the network connection, then try again.


I did a test using the 3G network from my smartphone (used as hotspot, then avoiding using the router FRITZ!Box), the VPN connects and I can access to network resources. Also some of my colleagues who have a classic modem from home don't encounter this problem, using the same version of FortiClient SSLVPN.


Is there any configuration I can do to your router? How can I fix?


Thanks a lot!

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