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FortiClient corrupting picture files

We are running a Forticlient EMS Server 7.0.9 with ~350 Forticlient 7.0.9 endpoints in use.


In recent weeks we have received more complaints from Windows 11 users on our network that picture files (jpg, png) become corrupt when copied or opened from the network drive. They can open them, but the pictures are "corrupted". Windows 10 users are not affected by the problem.


If we disable FortiClient and copy the files again, no errors occur.


We already deactivated the option "Scan Network files" in the corresponding Malware Protection Endpoint Profile, but this didn't help. 


Does anyone have a similar problem and a solution?

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I think it is due to a bug in the software. Disable FortiClient's real-time scanning and exclude the network drive from FortiClient's scanning.


Hi gggeorge, diabling the real-time scanning is no solution at all as the FortiClient our primary AV-Software is ... and because of this we also can't exclude the network drive as our files have to be protected ... the strange thing is that it seems that not all windows 11 clients are affected ...

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We are getting the same issue, Windows 11 only -  Disable FortiClient's real-time scanning is not an option. 


However this problem only exists onsite - if we have user connecting over the VPN tunnel then we are seeing this problem go away!


Help, please? 


Also just wanted to add, this is not just Picture files we also get corruption with Excel, Word and Powerpoint files too - seems to be anything over 100kb.. 

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We are experiencing the same issue.  Most notably in pdf files.  Our users are on Windows 11 and when they open a PDF or Powerpoint, generally any images or pictures within the files are corrupted and garbled.  We are on FortiClient EMS 7.0.8 and FortiClient version 7.0.9 across the board.  When I disable scanning, it seems to work, but that is not an acceptable solution for us as this is our primary Anti-Virus and malware package.  If anyone has any solutions, I'd be eager to hear.

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