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FortiClient and Windows 10 Quick Access

Is there anyone out there using FortiClient on Windows 10 and seeing their users' Quick Access shortcuts break? By break, i mean exhibit these symptoms of corruption.

We have had this issue crop up several times over the course of the last few months and we're trying to figure out what is causing it. I haven't seen anything that necessarily indicates FortiClient is the culprit, just curious if anyone else out there is seeing it.

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i think we have the same issue, checked everyting.... (windows 10, appsense..gpo's) and could not find the issue.

we also use (latest)forticlient, 


dit not pinpointed it to forticlient (yet)..... but knowing this , i will ask my collegue to exclude 

  • %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations
  • %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\CustomDestinations[/ul]

     from scanning and see if it helps....

  • BikasGaur
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    FortiClient app is constantly crashing on the startup on my Google Pixel 2 XL running Android 8.1. It used to work fine earlier when my phone was on Android 7.0. Any solution to get the app working again?


    Update: I have deleted the app and reinstalled it and the app has been running smooth once again.


    Bikas Showbox Mobdro Tutuapp

    I have same issue 

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    Hi !,

    Now i am using Windows 10 but my laptop some issue, I con't identified the issue, If there any reason tell me. Thanks!



    FortiClient application is always slamming on the startup on my Google Pixel 2 XL running Android 8.1. It used to work fine before when my telephone was on Android 7.0. Any answer for get the application working once more?.




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