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FortiClient and Big Sur 11.3.1

Hi there


After applying the last Big Sur update for MacOS (11.3.1), FortiClient and are having problems connecting successfully. After some attempts my SSL VPN connects again, but the IPsec connection consistently refuses and says that my pre-shared key is incorrect. However, this same pre-shared key continues to work successfully with the MacOS built-in IPsec VPN connection, so it clearly points to a problem with FortiClient.




After some further troubleshooting, I found out that our pre-shared key doesn't work anymore in combination with FortiClient on MacOS 11.3.1. This key is rather complex and long, but it has always worked well, until now. Having tried with a shorter and less complex pre-shared key I can confirm that the IPsec connection started working again.


However, as the macOS built-in VPN still doesn't have any issues with this long and complex pre-shared key, it has to be a limitation between macOS 11.3.1 and FortiClient.


Is anyone else experiencing problems similar to this?


Thanks, kind regards,


Kind regards, Jaap
Kind regards, Jaap
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I had a similar issue with macOS catalina when I tried to connecte with IPSec VPN Forticlient EMS always had a error connection so I did a clear installation with Big Sur 11.3 and that fixed but now I'm facing an other issue. When the IPSec VPN established the internal addresses are not routed throught tunnel.


Does anybody are had a similar issue?

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I have the same problem with an user, but I hope this works for you; Another user has MacOS Monterey version 12.2.1 and Forticlient and his VPN works without issues.


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Thank, I fixed with the forticlient version 7.0.0 




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