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FortiClient VPN always on and Always up on Andriod

Hi, I have android device running Forti client vpn Version that has the function of always up and auto connect. This works well for a period of time but every now and then drops the connection and does not connect automatically. It does try to connect but does not have any success. To fix the problem I have to go it to the foritclient application and cancel the program and reconnect. This unfortunate this is not a valid option for what we are trying to do the android tablets. 

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I am experiencing the same issue with the same version of FortiClient VPN ( where it will drop connections on the android phone(Samsung Galaxy S7) seemingly at random.


I am still monitoring the disconnections to see if it is at random or perhaps when the Mobile signal strength drops slightly.


I will be checking in with our Network Administrator to see if there is something awry with the idle settings on the FortiGate.


Any suggestions with this would be helpful as well.





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