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FortiClient VPN doesn't connect and doesn't give an error message


I have a problem. The VPN client (free version) doesn't connect, and I don't get an error message. What happens is this:


1) I input my username and password and hit "connect"

2) The status % goes up to 70%, where it gets stuck for a few seconds. Then it goes up to 98%, where it gets stuck for like 10-20 seconds.

3) The screen resets the password field and nothing happens. No error message, no pop up window, nothing.


Thing is, sometimes it works. Yesterday (30th of November) it worked fine and the status % meter didn't get stuck on 70 and 98%. And rarely, even when the status % meter gets stuck, it still works. And when I'm connected it works fine, no disconnects or anything like that. But most of the time, it doesn't work.


I've let another person try from another computer in another country (with my login details) and he experience the exact same problem. So it's not my computer. What could it be? It's incredibly frustrating.

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