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FortiClient = NOT ready for Production!!

Look.. I want to love your guys' software. I think you guys could be the next Symantec. I want to recommend you to all of my clients. I WANT to work for you guys, on the same team, so that I can make sure that you succeed. ..but FortiClient is a HOT MESS!! I had to shut the client down completely. This was a first time, fresh install last night. I went to bed with the all of the add-ons downloading, and woke up to this. First off, my main big problem, I don't know if you folks saw it, because I posted it in the Web Filter forum above: My bad, somebody should move that thread to this forum, I suppose. Ok, so that's why I had to shut the client down completely. Here is my running log of all of the issues I'm having in FortiClient. This is why I'm calling it a hot mess:

Under Malware Detection, Sandbox Detection will not stay enabled (the whole section). Also, various settings under Sandbox won't stay enabled. Do I need to download FortiSandbox separately?? Because the installer for FortiClient intimated that it was downloading all of the add-ins that it needed.


Tooltips throughout FortiClient are missing. (Just exactly WHICH 'known attack communication' channels are blocked??)


Speaking of which, WHERE is the fine grained control?


Set virus scans for multiple days?


Web Filter.. Blocked (unknown), even though the unrated category is Allowed. It blocked 3 more unrated websites, so I disabled Web Filter. THEN WEB FILTER BLOCKED FOUR MORE WEBSITES!! (This is why I shut the client down entirely.)


Under Web Filter, 'Enable Site Categories' ignores my attempts to disable it, regardless of whether or not 'Web Filter' is enabled or disabled.


Vulnerability Scan output apparently became corrupted due to a lack of internet. Now I have 3 programs listed in the history that say that they need to be updated, but no way to actually perform the updates on the main screen. The main problem here is that the software is falsely reporting that everything is ok, when I know for a fact that it is not.


Also: IoBit Software Updater: 13 packages need to be updated Glary Software Update Pro: 9 software updates available FilePuma: 12 new updates available Heimdal: 15 vulnerable packages, 18 total FortiClient: 3 auto-updatable, 2 manual (actually 2 discontinued)

Given.. I have around 130 software packages installed.. but WHY does the vulnerability scan take one and a half hours to complete, then do such a crappy job of telling me which program packages need to be updated? Are you guys only tracking vulnerabilities in a handful of packages? I'm very impressed that you're tracking vulnerabilities, but ANY software that needs to be updated, should be.


No Settings for Vulnerability Scan


No Automated Vulnerability Scan.


Notifications.. multiple areas of FortiClient are not reporting to Notifications.


No Settings for Notifications.


I don't think important Notifications are being shown on the desktop. They certainly aren't persistent. Might I suggest a little circle on the icon, with the number of issues?


On the settings page, I can't set my Default Tab to 'Notifications'.


Generally speaking, ALL of the areas feel like they're missing fine grained control. Might I suggest a checkbox in the general settings [ ] Enable Advanced Options, which enables advanced options through out the interface.


Shouldn't this client interface have a front page, with all of the important information on one screen??


WHERE are the 'Report to FortiNet' / 'Report to System Administrator' buttons?? With software this raw, you ought to have a button on each page, asking people to report issues. The buttons should collect relevant state information and etc. about that page (tab..), then you can track them in a bug tracker, and the admin could have a list of issues from the various clients to work through.

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