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FortiClient: How "Enable Machine Learning Analysis" works?

Hi engineers!

Do you know how "Enable Machine Learning Analysis" feature works on FortiClient?
Is a great feature or is useless?

I haven't found any specify documentation, but in FortiClient EMS documentation is write that is a signature based solution with dynamic AI activities. What does it mean?

Thank you!
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Hello bakazings, 


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Enable Machine Learning Analysis



This feature uses the new FortiClient AV engine, which incorporates smarter signature-less ML-based advanced threat detection. The antimalware solution includes ML models static and dynamic analysis of threats.

(Dynamic Analysis : is an application based security solution that can help to find certain vulnerabilities in web applications while they are running in production.)


This option can be configured under Profiles - Malware protection - Real time protection


In the action On Virus Discovery With Machine Learning Analysis dropdown list,  below options can be configured:

Log detection and warn the User: detect the sample, display a warning message, and log the activity.
Quarantine Infected Files: quarantine infected files. You can view, restore, or delete the quarantined file, as well as view the virus name, submit the file to FortiGuard, and view logs.


Refer below documentation



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Sorry for the late reply! While I'm no expert, and from what I understand, the "Enable Machine Learning Analysis" feature in FortiClient seems to use a combination of signature-based techniques and dynamic AI activities to help detect and prevent potential threats. In simpler terms, it's like having a smart assistant that learns from patterns and behaviors to give you an extra layer of protection. In fact, I've been thinking about diving deeper into the world of machine learning lately. I found an awesome list of top machine learning courses that cover everything from the basics to the nitty-gritty principles and algorithms. I'm hoping that by getting a solid foundation, I can eventually carve out a career in this exciting field.


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