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FortiClient EMS Portal: Duplicate Device Issue with Version Update

Good morning everyone! I need your help with a small issue I'm encountering on the FortiClient EMS portal. I have a device that has been successfully updated to the latest version 7.2.4, but the portal indicates it's still using the previous version. Additionally, this device appears duplicated six times in the portal. The problem is I'm unable to remove the duplicates. Could someone assist me in resolving this issue?

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Hi @foxzk ,


You cannot delete an endpoint device included in the domain via EMS. However, you can use the article below to delete endpoint devices that are not included in the domain. For devices in the domain that will no longer be managed by EMS, you can select the device in the "Endpoints -> All Endpoints" tab and use the "Action -> Deregister -> Exclude from Management" options. This process removes the device from manageable devices and terminates any active telemetry connection on the end-point side.


The duplicate endpoint issue mentioned occurred in older versions, as mentioned in another article. Sharing the link as it may be useful.




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Atakan Atak
Atakan Atak
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Hi atakannatak

Thank you for the response, but this doesn't solve the issue I'm facing. Let me explain it again. In my case, I have version 7.2.4, while the problematic device is on version 7.2.3. For instance, we have device A with version 7.2.3, and it appears six times in the FortiClient EMS portal. The known methods to unregister and delete from the portal don't work with this particular device, which appears multiple times. Even if you uninstall the FortiClient client from device A, it still shows up six to eight times in the portal.


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