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FortiClient 7.2.2 and Azure Auto Login

Recently started testing FortiClient using an SSL VPN with SAML to Azure AD.

FortiClient 7.2.1 worked fine with the Azure Auto Login feature, but that version was causing blue screens on some systems.

FortiClient 7.2.2 fixed the blue screen issue, but broke Azure Auto Login.

External browser without auto login works on both versions.

FortiGates are on 7.2.6 and EMS Cloud is 7.2.2.

Anyone else have this issue? Been working with support to no avail.
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My setup some identical to yours.


I am currently on but have just upgraded EMS to 7.2 and will start to look at the latest client myself. So will check and feedback accordingly.


Saw you mention the option to use External browser.


Out of curiosity, when the users signs into the VPN does this present the sign in through the native web browser for windows rather than the mini one that launches?


My current issue is that the last email sign address is not captured for some machines. Therefore the user has to enter in the full email address again rather than selecting from a list window.

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Same situation, I managed to find the previous version on the internet, everything works fine

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i am unable to connect via FortiClient vpn version 7.2 with azure AD.

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Scenario: Microsoft Entra SSO integration with FortiGate SSL VPN
when i use FortiClient vpn client version 7.0.x.x.x to connect SSL VPN via Azure ID with SAML Authentication. its connect in 2nd attempt or 3rd attempt every time not in first attempt. In first attempt ask 2FA but not connected. when i try again in 2nd or 3rd attempt so without 2FA prompt just directly connected. is it bug or configuration issue on FortiClient firewall side or Azure  FortiGate SSL VPN application side?? please suggest


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