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FortiClient 6.0.x msi deployment on Windows

Hi all,


I am having issues finding any sort of documents for FortiClient 6.0.x stating what kind of MSI switches are supported.

My goal is to deploy "Remote Access" feature only (& the core, since it has to present) with a SSLVPN connection profile.


Seems rather simple? IDK.


Thanks in advance :p

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I also have the same issue.


If I push the MSI with AD GPO, it installs all the components - which is not what I want.


Would dearly like a solution to this silly problem.


After long winded conversations with our SI and Fortinet staff.

The official "solutions" are

1. Purchase FNDN license

2. Purchase EMS license


The unofficial solution is:

1. Apply and Install trial EMS (It includes a "simple GUI" for building "customized" exe for deployment)

    - Since it is a trial version, you will need to keep unregistering endpoints to prevent license issues



It's really stupid, but that's the way it is designed. (They changed it since FortiClient 5.6)

The software (FortiClient and license) is bundled (with their Firewall appliances), but the deployment and management tool aren't.

Looking for simple msi parameters? They give you a big fat fuck you in the face with a paid wall to their documents.




Just another day at work :p


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