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FortiAuthticator 5.0.0

Looks like 5.0.0 firmware for the FortiAuthenticator is out, with a few nice features, like better guest portals, a bunch of RADIUS improvements, more Fortigate-like CLI, etc.  Should finally be able to set the DNS Subject Alt Name when creating certs, too.


Not having a lab setup with a FAC, I won't be upgrading till were past the 0.0 version by a bit!

Anybody tried it yet?  How did it go?


Release notes are at


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Creating user certs with SANs for my FGTs worked for me; however you will have to import the certs into the FGT's as PKCS #12 with a passphrase, else they will not import.  Once imported, they can be used as the certificates for the Admin Web GUI of your FWs.  


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Anybody using FortiAuthenticator 5.0.0 yet?  Has it seemed stable and secure?


It has some features I really would like to use, but a .0.0 version which is only at build 12 makes me pretty nervous.


@theFWdude,  Do you mean you used the FAC 5.0.0 to sign FGT certs with SANs and it worked (but required importing to FGT's as PKCS #12), or are you describing a way to do this with FAC 4.3.x, or some other CA signing?


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