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FortiAuthenticator how to Import a user from OpenLDAP using filter on uid

Hi everyone, I've configured an openLDAP server as an LDAP server for my FortiAuthenticator, connection is establish successfully. I need to import a specific user in Remote Users, but the user is located in an OU that contains more than 500 users so the Fortiauthenticator is not able to display the full list of the members of the OU. I've tried a bunch of filter but I still get a "No result found" each time, because example filters have found and adapted are all Windows AD based and that's not my case here The username attribute on the OpenLDAP server is "uid" Is there a way to filter only a specified uid using LDAP filter when querying the openLDAP server ? so the Fortiauthenticator can display it and let me import it For Example, I have the following Base DN : ou=users,dc=domain,dc=com The User DN is : cn=vpn.user,ou=users,dc=domain,dc=com How can I return only "vpn.user" in the list since the "users" OU has too more entries to be displayed on the FortiAuthenticator GUI Thanks in advance !

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