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FortiAuthenticator OWA Authentication Process

I have two questions regarding the FortiAuthenticator OWA Agent:

  1. When IIS is updated, is it necessary to reinstall the OWA Agent? (Assuming the latest version is being used)

  2. Please refer to the diagram below. I would like to understand the entire process and sequence when users log in through a browser with the OWA Agent installed on IIS. Does the IIS+OWA Agent first authenticate the OTP with the Authenticator before proceeding with the account and password verification with AD? Or does the IIS+OWA Agent not perform account and password verification with AD? If so, does the Exchange Server still verify the account with AD in the end?





Bruce Liu
Bruce Liu

Hello Bruce7x2, 


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Jean-Philippe - Fortinet Community Team

For the first question I'm not quite sure, I assume that there is no need to reinstall the Agent, it may depends on the changes that IIS does during the upgrade.

For the second question as described here: it validates the OTP prior to the AD password which prevents any possibility of brute forcing the password.

- Emirjon
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