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FortiAuthenticator 4.1 GA

FortiAuthenticator has been released and uploaded to the support site. for download (release notes will follow in the next couple of hours).  This release adds the following features:

  • System: Upgrade to 64 bit kernel and toolchain
  • The FortiAuthenticator kernel has been updated to 64 bit and all applications updated accordingly.[/ul]
  • System: Support for strong ciphers in SFTP backup client
  • Auth: Token Self-Provisioning Workflow[ul]
  • Allows users to self-provision tokens via the FortiAuthenticator Portal.
  • Users can self report lost tokens and set temporary tokens[/ul]
  • Auth: Ability to assign RADIUS Attributes for MAC Auth Bypass Devices (e.g. for Dynamic VLAN assignment)

  • Auth: Improved handling of FortiToken Provisioning failures
  • Auth: Specify acceptable characters in Password Complexity for random generation
  • Auth: Addition of Meru RADIUS Dictionary
  • FSSO: SAML Service Provider to FSSO[ul]
  • Integration with third party Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) IdPs to obtain user identity for use in Fortinet Single Sign-On (FSSO) Identity Policies.[/ul]
  • FSSO: Configurable HTTP header size limit for Kerberos
  • FSSO: FortiAuthenticator Agent Update[ul]
  • Support for FAC Agent on Windows 10 (plus multiple bug fixes).[/ul][/ul]
  • Dr. Carl Windsor Field Chief Technology Officer Fortinet

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    SAML and Token self-provisioning support are very exciting!


    A word of warning: I upgraded FAC in my test lab, but afterwards vSphere users could not authenticate (setup as LDAP authentication against local users on FAC). Remember folks, upgrade your test systems first. :)

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