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FortiAuthenticator 300F routing and Ftm polling error

I recently installed a 300F fortiAuthenticator.
I am using it for sslvpn 2 factor authentication, but I have a strange symptom.

1. Routing issue

Port1 service ip setting Port4 HA IP Setting The default gateway was set to port1, but the routing except for the designated route is left as Port4.

2. FTM polling error: cannot connect to database 30909

I log in with the system account and it doesn't work.
look at the log when it does not work, there is an FTM Error log.

Os version : v6.2.0, build5118 (GA)


Hey Koreida,


the FTM-polling error is interesting, not sure what to make of it. It might be related to the routing issue.

Do a get system status and see whether there is a HA setting called "node specific gateway". If it is set, you will see that all traffic for this node will leave on that port, not considering static routes. You might not need that setting, though.


More troubleshooting tools:

show router static

exec tcpdump -nni port1 and run exec ping on another SSH session

diag netlink route


Best regards,




Best regards,




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