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FortiAnalyzer connection to SIEM

Hi there,


is there any (existing or planned) feature to be able to add the FortiAnalyzer to a SIEM (e.g. Microsoft Sentinel)?

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What do you mean?  What is your use-case?  You can forward FortiAnalyzer logs to any SIEM you wish.

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Hi Guys! Im a intern in a IT company working as a monitoring analyst with zabbix.
The company starts using FortiAnalyzer and FortiSOC to monitor log activities for our clients, currently the service that this company provides is installing Fortigate (Firewalls) in the clientes sites to comunicate with each other and use FortiAnalyzer to generate reports of unusual activites for the clients.
The thing is, I really want to work as a SOC analyst so I am trying to figure out a way to work with that in said company, and my first step is creating a SIEM enviroment when I have nothing to do in work, is there a way to use FortiAnalyzer and FortiSOC as a SIEM enviroment? Or shoud I try some know tools like Splunk or Elastic for the job?
Thanks in advance!
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