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FortiAnalyzer Default Reports and Charts Missing After Downgrade

After downgrading my FortiAnalyzer 200F to version 6.2.5, build 1307, the default report templates, and charts are missing and no longer visible.  There is nowhere I am aware of to download these reports and charts for importation.  Can anyone provide assistance in restoration of these report templates and charts?


Thank you in advance.

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The solution for this problems is fairly straight forward and documented but must be modified when remote access to the system is all that you have.


First, backup your system.  This is not required but the solution requires the internal disk to be formatted.


Next, execute the following CLI commands:


execute reset all-except-ip

execute format disk


This will allow you to still have access to the system after the reset and formatting are complete.  Once this was accomplished, my reports and charts were restored.

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