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FortiAPs FortiManager licensing

Hi all,

Could someone explainme if I need additional licenses for FortiAPs being managed byFortimanager, or as FortiAPs are controlled by Fortigate, It isn't necessary Fortimanager licenses for the fortiaps?






Hello, FortiManager licensing is based on managed FortiGates. Within the FMG GUI, one can manage FortiGates, FortiSwitches (if connected via FortiLink), and FortiAPs if FortiGate is managing FortiAP profiles. If the FortiGates are managing the APs, then you can manage the APs through FortiManager (only if FortiGate is managing, not standalone). Make sense?


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Hi, Is there a way to manage FortiAPs directly in FortiManager?  The scenario is say 10 small remote sites with a non FortiGate fit for purpose WAN edge device and you wish to add 3 WAPs to each site with central FortiManager management and onsite coordination of channel use, roaming etc..


FortiCloud conflicts with the single management tool strategy (existing FortiManager)


Plan B might be a FortiGate at head office with the remote site APs connecting to it using non-tunnel mode?


Appreciate any tips or ideas.



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