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FortiAP C24JE with GPI-115 won't power on

Very weird issue at numerous locations, connected to a variety of Fortigate models with or without FortiSwitch devices.


The FortiAP C24JE units have no LEDS LIGHT up except on Signal LED blinks Blue once in awhile. The GPI-115 Unit blinks Green five times then once Amber. When the GP-115 units blinks Amber is when the Signal LED on the C24JE blinks Blue. At some locations if I just leave the FortiAP C24JE and GPI-115 alone it will actually power on and connect, but after 30 or 40 minutes. At other locations it never powers up. I've left the devices as is over night and still won't power up.


Yes, I've power off and one numerous times.


Actually Part B of this posting is that the FortiAP C24JE has a power port, but I don't see any listing for an AC Adapter for this device. I just wanted to test bed one of the failing devices with an AC Adapter instead of an injector to determine if it would make a difference.


What is interesting is that there’s nothing in the price list for this AC Adaptor as if it doesn’t exist. In the price list there are AC Adapters SP-FAP200-PA and SP-FAP400-PA for 200 and 400 series FAPs.




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Page 22 says it can use any of GPI-115, GPI-130, or SP-FAP400-PA


Looks like 12v 3A with one of the 5.5x2.1mm barrel plugs.