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FortiAP Bridged mode - no access to mDNS and UPNP



I have mix of different FortiAP: FAP-223E, 221E and one U24JEV.

All theses are setup through a FortiGate 80E running 6.0.4 code.


I created a wired vlan in the same FortiGate, let's say VLAN ID 30.

I created an SSID called "NETWORKVL30" and assigned that SSID as a bridge network on VL30.

I tagged the VL30 on all wired network ports facing the ForiAPs and all required wired devices.

The Fortigate is the defaultGW and the DHCP server of that vlan.


All devices on either wired or wireless VL 30 are able to ping each others. No policy needed into the Fortigate except for straight internet access which is working fine.


Now, we have issues passing mDNS and UPNP from wireless to wired devices.  In fact, all "zero config" systems either based or not on multicasting is a challenge on that setup (Apple bonjour/Airplay, Amazon FireStick uPNP, Google Chromecast SSDP, and so on). I know that Fortigate didn't support UPNP but all devices are on the same broadcast domain, so the Fortigate should ne be part of the equation.


Is there something special to enable in these FortAP for these "Zero config" services to work properly ?  I know that on Aruba wireless there is an AirGroup to enable for Apple bonjour/Airplay to work.  Is the same for the FortiAPs ?



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Hi there,

     We're on 6.4.6 (Firewall and FAP 231F).  In our case, we're doing an SSID bridge to LAN2 port on the AP.  I've confirmed that the mDNS traffic is received from the wired machine to the Wi-Fi clients, but the replies are not received by the wired machine.  We have all broadcast suppression turned off.  Will let you know the outcome, we have an active support case on this.


Best of luck, and please let me know if you found a resolution to your issue!

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