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FortiAP 423E High Memory Useage

Hello Guys, 


First Post, hopefully a genius knows the answer and it isn't too painful. 


I have a FortiAP 423E running 6.4 Build 0465 ( latest available ). 

It serves between 5-10 Clients at any one time so buy no means heavy, mix of 5GHz and 1 or 2 2.4GHz connections. 


From Boot, both FortiLAN Cloud and logging into the Device itself shows around 80% memory consumed. I've read some background scanning can cause high CPU and Memory on these so I disabled both scans and rebooted, same high issue. 

The CPU is very stable at low levels, which I would expect for the low User count but I can't figure out the memory. 


Does anyone have any experience of this, or any form of diagnostics I can do on AP's running without a FGT?





Adam M

Valued Contributor

Hi Adam

Did you you notice any impact that could be caused by such memory consumption.

I have a 221E 6.4 0437 with 63% memory usage (managed by FortiGate).