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FortiAP 221B utilization

Hi guys, I have 2 FortiAP 221B connected to FortiGate 110C . Our users suffering from problems: WiFi connection dropped until reconnection. I want to try understand if the AP utilization is the problem and i cant find a decent way to check it. There is any cli command that allows me to see current utilization of AP ? Sometimes m AP are loaded with more then 30 associated users (mostly smartphones with low usage), it might be a problem? Thanks!
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Hi following can help to look at config etc.: cw_diag usage: cw_diag help --show this usage cw_diag uptime --show daemon uptime cw_diag --tlog <on|off> --turn on/off telnet log message. cw_diag --clog <on|off> --turn on/off console log message. cw_diag baudrate [9600 | 19200 | 38400 | 57600 | 115200] cw_diag kernel-panic [size [ID]] --show saved kernel panic log fromflash cw_diag kernel-panic clear --clear saved kernel panic log from flash cw_diag k-dvlan-debug [0-15] --enable/disable kernel dynamic vla n debug cw_diag plain-ctl [[0|1] | clear] --show, set or clear current plain control setting cw_diag sniff-cfg [[ip port] | clear] --show, set or clear sniff server i p and port cw_diag sniff [intf [0|1|2] | clear] --show, set or clear sniff setting on intf cw_diag stats wl_intf --show wl_intf status cw_diag wl-log --get wlan' s beacon/probe related i nfo cw_diag band-width [rId] [wId] [sta-mac] --show radio, vap, sta band width cw_diag pkt-pattern [rId] --show traffic packet length info. cw_diag repeat cnt intv cmd --run cnt times of cmd at intv inte rval cw_diag sys-performance --show CPU load and memory usage cw_diag clear debug --clear all debug settings cw_diag show debug --show all debug settings cw_diag show control --show all -c settings cw_diag show all --show all debug and -c settings cw_diag -c wtp-cfg --show current wtp config params in control plane cw_diag -c radio-cfg --show current radio config params in control plane cw_diag -c ssid --show current configrued SSIDs cw_diag -c vap-cfg --show current vaps in control plan e cw_diag -c ap-rogue --show rogue APs pushed by AC for o n-wire scan cw_diag -c sta-rogue --show rogue STAs pushed by AC for on-wire scan cw_diag -c arp-req --show scanned arp requests cw_diag -c ap-scan --show scanned APs cw_diag -c sta-scan --show scanned STAs cw_diag -c sta-cap --show scanned STA capabilities cw_diag -c sta-locate --show scanned STA locate data cw_diag -c sta-locate-reset [level] --reset scanned STA locate data cw_diag -c wids --show scanned WIDS detections cw_diag -c mesh --show mesh status cw_diag -c mesh-veth-acinfo --show mesh veth ac info, and mesh ether type cw_diag -c mesh-veth-vap --show mesh veth vap cw_diag -c mesh-veth-host --show mesh veth host cw_diag -c mesh-ap --show mesh ap candidates cw_diag -c vlan --show current vlan info in daemon cw_diag -c sta --show current station info in daem on cw_diag -c sys-vbr --show WTP Vlan Bridges cw_diag -c net-topo --show interface topology cw_diag -c k-vap --show WTP Kernel local-bridge VAPs cw_diag -c k-host --show WTP Kernel local-bridge Host s cw_diag -c k-wlvl --show WTP Kernel local-bridge Wlan Vlans cw_diag -c k-vbr --show WTP Kernel local-bridge Vlan Bridges cw_diag -c scan-clr-all --flush all scanned AP/STA/ARPs cw_diag -c ap-suppress --show suppressed APs cw_diag -c sta-deauth --de-authenticate an STA hope this helps have fun Andrea

I' m managing the FortiAP from the FortiGate unit, those command are for stand alone management.
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FG# diagnose wireless-controller wlac h You will get few good options to monitor the AP' s from here, but still they needs to have a good GUI module to manage the FortiAP' s and Switches. My AP' s had the same issues, and I have updated to 5.0.7 , and now seems fine. Still one device is making problems once in a week..! It gets hung and the latency time to gateway will be 1000ms /timed out if there are more than 15 associated clients...!
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Nihas [\b]

Hi shaik, Troubleshooting wireless issues like this can be a bit involved to find the root cause. To answer your first question, I did some poking around in the diag commands and so far I do not see a way to pull the CPU utilization directly from the FortiGate CLI. In general CPU utilization on AP' s it not an issue, however if you want to check it, you can use http/telnet to the IP address of the AP. Default login is admin and no password, this can be changed of course. The GUI will probably be far easier to spot check. If you do see high utilization, please open a case with TAC so that we can troubleshoot appropriately. Regardless of that, please ensure you are on the latest patch for your major version of fortiOS. For FOS 5.0 this is currently FAP 5.0.7, and for FOS 5.2.0 it is currently FAP 5.2.0 If you still experience issues please open a TAC case so that we can debug this and get you fixed up. Cheers!
-- Sean Toomey, CISSP FCNSP Consulting Security Engineer (CSE) FORTINET— High Performance Network Security
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