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Forti manager question

I have a address group on the fortigate/fortimanager for one of our policies that I’m trying to update today. When I create the updates and add the object to the address group and push out the updated policy package it says there is no updates to push. Looking into this it seems that when I update and address object in use by the fortigate it creates a per device mapping that it will not let me remove. The issue is I can’t remove the device mapping and I can’t update the device mapping cause it says that object already exsists. How are we supposed to update address groups. The only way I have found so far is creating a new group. router login
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What is the exact workflow you used when deleting the per-device mapping and installing the policy package?


When does the per-device mapping reappear? After running the install wizard?


Within the per-device mapping section, you should see a list of devices and the policies assigned to them. Select the device or devices for which you want to remove mappings and delete these mappings from the system.


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