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Forti VM on Qnap


I am the admin of our company Fortigate and would like to have a training system for more complex tests at home without any extra costs meaning that I must use VM version (?)   I do not want to mess with the live system.

I have 6 other brand VM firewalls installed on my Qnap NAS which are working fine.

I installed this Fortigate VM version on Qnap and it just does not work. I have tried to install it several times and every time console show only some strange stack/signal coding forever.

First FortiVM start fine wit:



But then after a few seconds there is only:

















And this dbg_stack_print ... / dum_signal ... rolls on screen forever. Zillion lines of this same two (error) codes.


I installed this same VM to my VMWare Workstation on my PC and everything went well. So there is something strange with the Qnap. All other brand VM firewalls install and work fine. Qnap should support importing of vmdk files. At least making of Qnap VM from this vmdk works well. But when I try to run this newly created VM on Qnap this error occurs every time and even if I want an hour the same signal/stack code lines are rolling down.


Anyone can help me out how to install Forti VM version on Qnap Virtualization Station?


Forti VM version is 7.2.6 FGT downloaded from forticloud (new install).

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Not sure about QNAP , but it works fine on Vmware workstation or HyperV. 

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