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Forti Cliënt VPN Not logging in.



Forti Cliënt vpn (Version: is not working on a Macbook (Version 12.0.1). Before this week it worked properly. This week it doen't. The issue is that when logging in the log in field goes blanco. As for the password field. Tried reinstalling Forti Cliënt VPN. Didn't work. Also checked for updates, with another vppn account. Did not work. This is with SSL connection as for IP-Sec connection. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is the Forti Cliënt not compatible with the Mac version? This is definitly not an account issue as I can log in succesfully from my laptop.


At least the FC VPN 7.0.x on my Mackbook Air was working after I upgraded it to Monterey 12.0.1 a couple of weeks ago. I don't use it regularly though. I was expecting it might break during the major upgrade process, but it didn't. In the past I just needed to uninstall it, clean the disk, then re-install when that happened.

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