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Forti-Authenticator v6.0.1 - RADIUS Authentication error - winbind failed

Good Day

We have been doing some troubleshooting and below are the results

1. We tried the workaround to turn off the Use AD Authentication in the RADIUS Service ... Clients - for a Fortigate Firewall and the authentication works
2. But when we did it for the Forti-Manager or Forti-Analyzer, the authentication failed
3. the user login error in the logs is below -
- Windows AD user authentication(mschap) with FortiToken failed:AD auth error:Reading winbind reply failed! (0xc0000001)

The connection to the AD Server is fine... for the sync rules work and connect every 10 mins

The only place where I see the one AD not connected is in the Monitor... Authentication... Windows AD.



Dana Burton



Hello Dana,


the AD authentication for FAC will be needed to speak mschap and translate it to your LDAP server. If you don't join the FAC to the domain (inside the LDAP server settings) you will not be able to offer it, but only PAP will work.

According to the monitor you mention, this is missing, or not working due to invalid settings, password etc.


best regards,




Hi Markus

It is really weird, it was all working, then for some reason the LDAP connection to domain was lost.

But the funny thing is the LDAP sync rules connect to AD/LDAP every 10 mins and are working fine.

LDAP connection setting are working I see the domain structure.... 

And as I mention I turn off the User Window AD in the client settings and it works for the firewalls but not for the fortimanager, fortianalyzer, or fortiweb... and the error is always the same.

I'm going to upgrade it to 6.3 and then to 6.4 and see if that fixes things




Dana Burton 

New Contributor II

Hi Dana,


I'm just curious if you found a working solution for your issue?

I got a similar case, where the FortiAuthenticator was not able to join the domain after an update.


My solution was to delete the FortiAuthenticator's computer-object in the domain, then reboot and the join worked fine.





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