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ForiSwitch Config Issues

I have a switch I am trying to configure using Fortilink in my Fortigate 60E. This is my first time using a FortiSwitch, as our typical setup uses a Fortigate with Extreme switches and APs, but due to supply we have had to make the switch to the Fortiswitch. We are keeping the Extreme AP in place, but seemingly due to this, I am having issues getting the AP online. My standard setup when using the Extreme (Aerohive) switch was to trunk the port with native 1 and allowing the rest of the VLANs, but that doesn't seem to be an option with these. Thus far Fortinet support has been no help with this as they keep wanting to blame the config of the AP, but I have this setup at several locations where it is working without a problem, and the only difference is the FortiSwitch. I know this is minimal information, so please ask away and I will do my best to answer your questions in the quest for resolving this issue.

Basically there shouldn't be any problem for the VLAN assignment. Do the AP get any valid IP?

If you check from the GUI in FortiSwitch Ports, is the port up do you get any Device Information?


You can check via CLI if you receive any MAC address on the port and in which VLAN it's assigned. 

# diag switch-controller mac-cache show
1 5 75:45:a5:15:57:fb 29 port5


Since the AP will just use the untagged VLAN for management you can put any VLAN of your choice as a native:


just configure the network with DHCP and some other options if needed to find a controller. 

- Emirjon
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