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Firmware downloads from Fortinet support website slow/timing out

Is it just me or are firmware downloads from the Fortinet support website abysmally slow? For weeks I tried to download firmware images but all I get are some 40kb/s on a 500Mbps fiber connection, usually only to time out mid-download with an "Error executing your request. Please try again later.", and the download turning into a "DownloadFirmware.htm" file of 1kb size. 


I tried downloading from our business grade internet connection at work, from home ISPs and even via cell phone. I also tried to download from other regions (US, JA; I'm in UK) via VPN. I tried different computers using different operating systems (Mac OS, ChromeOS, Linux) and browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge), no change. 


And it seems as it's not just direct downloads, as it took over 60 attempts for a 60F to download its firmware upgrade.


From what I know I'm not the only one experiencing horribly slow downloads, and it seems especially European users have been suffering for quite a while. So surely, FTN must be aware of this, so is this even worth reporting to support?


I noticed the same. Probably this happen when there is a new update and there is a rush, then I prefer download the update manually instead of directly from FG.


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