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Firewall Sub-interface not working

Dear all,


I have recently installed two 300D in HA active-active , but i have a connection problem with one sub-interface connection.


I have port 1 connected directly to a SwitchL3,  in port 2  i have two subinterfaces that goes to a switch l2 , mainly i'm focusing to troubleshoot from firewall to SwitchL3, ping is ok  from port 1 to (VIP-SWL3) , ping is also ok from port 2 sub-interface (Vlan 300) to (VIP-SWL3) , but is not ok from port 2 sub-interface (vlan 301) to .


There is a default route (IP from SWitchL3) , and the policies are done identical with both sub-interfaces. The switchL3 is routing to my two subnetworks too, what am i missing? , why the second sub-interface not working? , i attach one quick draft of connections.


Thanks in advance





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