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Features that you would like to see

Why limit to Authentication-based routing,can' t fortinet have Address-based and Device Identity routing on the policy tab itself rahter than putting it on the policy route tab would be very nice to have when your using/have multiple gateways
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This is not so much re. a new feature but rather a cry for the old one... Traffic History is a nice little widget which many of us regularly use. Before FortiOS 5.X inbound and outbound traffic for an interface overlapped on the same reference frame, which was nice: In and Out traffic were drawn with different colors, scale was twice as higher (in comparison to what we see starting from v5.X: In and Out traffic are now drawn on their own frame of axis), you could have detached widget into a separate window for improved visibility or printing purposes and it was much easier to correlate inbound and outbound traffic. Traffic History widget' s implementation in 5.X is not as good as it used to be. It would be nice to get old one back.
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I would like to see functionality ( do not resolve DNS query if IP adress is from botnet ip adress space) like it ofer It will greatly improve sales of your equipment.

Could journeyman and Aidar open tickets to start the NFR process? That way, we' d have you both as points of contact for the two requests.

Regards, Chris McMullan Fortinet Ottawa


What kind of Ticket I have to to open ?
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today the load-balancing feature is doing a source NAT. We need the original source IP for balancing SMTP. right now no graylisting is working because every connection has the same source IP. For http you cat activate inserting source IP as a http header field... And please add an iPv6 version of load-balancing, too; with keping the source IPv6 address
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I would like to be able to nat with different IP address (ip-pool) depending on the chosen outbound interface. So you can use IP-pool with 2 internet connections.

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